There is much talk nowadays about a new energy and associated new levels of vibration.

Some people say that this comes from the galactic centre, the plane of which we are crossing on the 21st December 2012. Some people say it is from other spheres, or dimensions, wrapped up in our three space and one time dimension.

Speaking from a personal perspective, I have had many experiences that corroborate that something is definitely stirring in the ether. What’s more, it seems to be happening at an increasing rate.

In the same way, however, that cosmologists might be looking entirely in the wrong place, ‘out there’, for all that missing dark matter and energy, it’s possible that the source of the new energy is a bit closer to home that the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way.

To understand what this new energy might be about, we have to look back at recent human history, and pre-history.

There have been many step changes already in human evolution. Some of these have resulted in a separation from spirit and, as a consequence, have resulted in an increase in understanding and control of all things material. Perhaps the last major shift happened with the development of language which gave rise to internal dialogue and self awareness. The teachings of Krishna, Buddha and Christ, further crystallised the sense of self and identity.

In 869AD, the Eighth Ecumenical Council increased the sense of isolation from the spirit world by declaring that soul and spirit were the same thing. They fused the vegetable dimension of the soul and the animal dimension of spirit into one by dismissing the concept of reincarnation. At the same time, dogma was introduced to replace direct experience of the spirit world.

This in turn led to a rise in secularity which eventually spawned the industrial, scientific and communication revolutions that we can now look back on and admire, or chastise. We now possess an amazing control and understanding of the material realm that surpasses that of any other current life form on the planet.

None of these events are intrinsically bad in themselves. They are just the way it was to lead us to where we are now in this new energetic phase of our existence.

For over 100 years, we have been generating electromagnetic radiation such that there is a sphere of energy emanating from the Earth – 100 light years in radius – which has travelled past many other star systems. As you read this, radio and TV programs and mobile phone and GPS data pass through your body every second. This is one form of the new energy.

In September 2008, the Large Hadron Collider gets switched on and humans will demonstrate how, by harnessing and focussing energy, the fabric of space-time itself can be manipulated. We are becoming Masters of our Local Universe and this represents a whole new level of energetic generation.

Not all of the new energy by any means though is encapsulated in the electromagnetic and sub-atomic realms. The Internet is an amazing conglomeration of human knowledge and endeavour and, as of March this year, over 1.4 billion people use it. At the end of 2007, apparently there were over 100 million people contributing to it mainly caused by dramatic rise from the number of bloggers. This accumulation of shared knowledge and experience also comprises and builds a new energy.

We’ve also seen global events such as Live Aid and Live 8 which result in a concentration of thought around a particular theme or issue. This is an example of a collective new energy in action.

Yet, despite these advances, many people on the planet still have a sense of separateness.

This has largely arisen as, although we now have an amazing mastery over matter and knowledge, a void has been created between the physical and spirit planes. This is a void that was traditionally filled by religion, of course.

The real essence of the new energy is simply an awareness of this and a collective desire to do something about it. With collective realisation, we may be poised at reconnecting with the spirit realm with all the amassed the knowledge, control and experience of the material world.

For the first time, we are potentially aware of our own next stage evolution and how this even plays a part on a cosmic level. The new energy is the awareness of this potential combined with focussed and heart-felt intention to make the next big shift happen.

Originally published in Paradigm Shift