Just after I wrote my first book, 100 Years of Ermintrude, I remember telling a psychic the manner in which I wrote it, how it just came in from nowhere and how I felt a huge surge of emotion when I’d finished it.

I was in floods of uncontrollable tears, yet I felt ecstatically happy at what I’d just done.

The psychic, the amazing Dr Lisa Turner of Psycademy, told me that I’d channelled it.

By the way, I wrote the whole 1st draft on a ‘plane flight, you can listen to it here …

Ermintrude on Twaudio …

… incidentally I learned how to channel the music I used in this later too.

At the time, I had no idea what channelling was and assumed it referred to mediums contacting the ‘dear departed’. Certainly not something an IT consultant would or could ever do.

That was over 3 years ago and since then I’ve been on a bit of a journey of discovery, part of which has lead to me not only understanding what channelling is but being able to teach people how to do it. The engineer in me just had to research and understand what was happening.

Furthermore, there are more flavours of channelling that you can shake a stick at and mediumship is just one of them. I’ve been privileged to meet many talented channels, some who do it professionally and some who like me, do it almost unconsciously and use it in their private lives – and for creative writing.

In its widest sense, channelling refers to getting your conscious mind out of the way and either speaking or writing what is ‘on your mind’ – or more accurately, coming through it.

Channelling also does not have to be random or involve you getting ‘taken over’ – unless you let it. It can be a dialogue as well as one way traffic. So, for example, if you want an idea for the next chapter of your novel, you simply ask.

The essential key is to understand everyone will get the messages in different ways. Trained mediums, and the clairaudient, may hear a voice. Those that are clairvoyant will see images. Your dreams are often channelled information.

For most people though, it’s a feeling or a knowing – referred to respectively as clairsentience or claircogniscence. For me, it’s the latter. I just seem to know stuff I didn’t know that I knew.

So how do you know if you are channelling?

The difference between your own thoughts and those that are channelled is subtle.

If you are clairaudient or clairvoyant – both of which can be learned – then channelled information is obvious as it is clear it hasn’t come from the physical plane.

For thought based channelling, detecting it is a little more subtle. If you have ever had an amazing flash of inspiration that comes in less than a second, then that’s a ‘gift’ and message from elsewhere. Remember to say “Thank You”. Compare this with your internal dialogue, perhaps where you are rehearsing internally a speech or a conversation you are about to have. Therein lies the difference.

So exactly what are you channelling?

It’s a common held belief that sentient life exists in our 3 space and 1 time dimensions. This is understandable. Physicists are postulating that 10, 12 or even 26 dimensions are needed to make the maths ‘add up’.

In these extra dimensions, other sentience exists and this is what you can tap into. Incidentally, this includes 2-D and 1-D worlds. This whole subject is huge so I’ll leave it there for now and may return to this subject later. Just for now, it’s worth pointing out that this sentience is not separate from us but inextricably linked in homogeneous fabric. A good name for this would be the superconsciousness.

How do you learn to channel?

There are two keys to this.

Firstly to allow your conscious mind to be quiet which is best achieved through entering a meditative state. Drugs and alcohol can have a similar effect but your other facilities may be weakened. I have recorded a specific visualisation called the Quantum Collapse of Thought which is great at helping you control the babble and chatter of your conscious mind.

Secondly, your unconscious mind needs to be balanced and quiescent as a conduit between your conscious mind and the minds beyond. This involves controlling and understanding your base emotions.

This blog is the first of many I plan to write (and channel) on this subject soon and for now just leave you with two thoughts …

“Most thoughts aren’t your own …”

“It only has to be true enough …”

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P.S. re: that surge of emotion – I found out later that this is what happens when you interact with consciousness at 5-D and 7-D – some refer to them as ascended masters and angels