I am really proud to announce the release the  version of iPhone app for the Kryon School in Germany in four languages for all the worldwide Kryon Schools – namely German, Russian, Spanish and English.

The app allows you to make full use of the amazing Crystals of the Divine Reality are now available in the Apple App Store. Using the app daily will bring magic, illumination and abundance into your life.


The app costs only $9.99 and contains 54 different crystals – each with the most amazing energy. It allows you to select a crystal for the day with just a shake of the iPhone and contains a brief history and background to the Crystals.

This pro version of the app includes:

  • a detailed description of each Crystal
  • ability to email a Crystal to a friend
  • ability to Tweet the image of a Crystal to Twitter
  • generation of spreads of 3, 5 and 9 Crystals to shed light on your situation and feelings

“The pictures are really good and the whole thing feels really good”

“Beautifully made and extraordinarily powerful. Inspires and guides me every day”

You can also get a free sampler version of the app here …