If you want to catch up with me over the next few months, here’s a few places I’m talking, training and teaching …

The Blockbusting workshop

To celebrate the launch of my new book called Blocks, this year I am running a set of workshops to help writers clear their blocks …

… I will let you into a secret – any writer’s block is really a life or karmic block.

So come along and you will not only become free from a creative perspective but also in other areas of your life.

Details and registration here …

How to Channel Your Book

Imagine your book and your route to getting it published being presented to you.

This is no pipe dream, it is doable using some simple techniques which harmonise your brain, mind and body.

In this three day workshop, you arrive with just the idea you would like to get published and you leave with either a manuscript in 1st draft or a synopsis and sample chapters you can submit to a publisher.

You will also have a fabulous three days, meet some very enlightened souls and receive several initiations to connect with your guiding influences.

Details and registration here …

Introduction to the Kryon School Support Group

If you are currently taking the Steps and want to meet with like minded souls – or to meet up with them again – contact me as I would like to start a group meeting somewhere in South East England.

Please use the Contact form if you would like more details on how to get involved.