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Information through the medium Sabine Sangitar from March 9, 2011

Before the fall of Lucifer an enormous field existed in which many lights worked. Through Lucifer’s fall and because of the hail of comets following his violent explosion this field was pulled into the depths. One part of this field remained in the divine Reality. The rest was removed from the magnetic lines. At the end of the day 389 own planets with their own energy formed, but they are all connected. Basically these 389 planets are a huge field. For this reason the beings of the other planets are very similar to us and subject to the same laws.

All 389 planets have to ascend again for the perfect sound to ring out. All 389 planets have to return to the magnetic fields. The first 12 planets that ascend are very important. When they have ascended there will be a chain reaction and other planets will be raised as well.

The planet Landras

The first of the 389 planets has already carried out its ascension. This planet is called Landras and is now in the adaptation phase. The solar system of Landras is not far away from us. The time window of Landras was 2007, in 2011 the ascension took place.

On Landras many things are very similar to what we know. On Landras there are the same laws. The beings have organs and a body that has formed. They know Lemuria, the promise, the oldest frequency, the various frequencies, the various epochs. Thus God sent something onto each planet that we call Christ or Jesus or Son of God. On Landras the name is God’s Pearl.

The beings on Landras resemble us very much. Some abilities are more highly developed than ours, others again less. The beings there also received good training. It is all very similar to here with us.

I speak with the medium Norina from Landras and other beings very, very much about the ascension of their planet. Norina also belongs to the oldest frequency there. It is highly interesting what I am being told. I would like to share this with you.

The ascension

Before the ascenion the beings on Landras felt, the way we do too, that time is running very fast. What used to be one hour now feels like half an hour. This feeling that everything is going incredibly fast, everything manifests very fast, is the same with us.

Norina told me that something very special changed after the time window of 2007, and they took everything even more seriously. From 2007 an enormously higher number of beings opened themselves for spirituality more. The beings on Landras were already very far advanced in their consciousness. In order to prepare for the ascension they already changed their living situations before the ascension and founded big communities sharing homes. This helped them very much. The planet is not as densely populated as ours. Many so-called speakers, spokespersons and healers got together in order to live and work together.

The ascension was initiated with the perfect sound and there was an enormous earth quake on Landras, just as it is going to happen here. There are no volcanos there, consequently there was no volcanic eruption and no possible darkness that might be caused by ash. Through the perfect sound the Lucifer energy was transformed. Everything that was still necessary was transformed. Almost all the old structures collapsed. Nothing is as it once was.

The awakening of each being happened very suddenly, very quickly. When the perfect sound rang out they felt it to be, against what they had imagined, very unpleasant. It began to vibrate and became louder and louder. This sound became so extreme that the beings on the planet were not able to stand any more and knelt down for as long as it lasted. At the same time they fell into a deep trance during which there was a standstill for 9 minutes of our time. During this time each single being, whether spiritual ot not, had an inner view. It was able to see itself, from its creation through all the incarnations and in each epoch. Thus everybody had the possibility to feel a deep awakening, even if he had been sleeping before. Then the trance eased off. There was no forgetting because of the trance, each being was aware of itself, knew what had happened. Now they carry the realization and the awakening in themselves.

How the children experienced the ascension there is also an interesting answer. Several nights before the ascension the babies did not sleep any more. It was easier for the children. They also had an inner view, but as it is with most of the children of the new age, they were very happy about it.

On Landras there are also Lightpioneers, just as with us. They call themselves the forerunners. Just like us they were trained and prepared in their way. Even they were surprised that the ascension took place so fast although they were able to feel that something is happening. Various beings told me that even the best trained beings had problems with the energetic appearances and light figures that they were suddenly able to see. It was a lot all at once that took place in a very short time.

The adaptation phase

After the inner view total chaos broke out. The planet ascended and all beings unavoidably awakened. But many did not have the embedded patterns that you receive through spiritual development. When a being has an inner view and suddenly knows that everything it has heard about spirituality and the ascension is true it wants to be trained as quickly as possible in its dawning of consciousness. That is the biggest problem there at the moment, for the dawning of consciousness there is not enough “staff”. That is a big challenge for the forerunners there. Because the ascension arrived so surprisingly and the crush is great they have now been fetched into the lightship of Adonai Ashtar Sheran. There they are prepared and trained once more in order to return to the planet then to support the many beings in the dawning of consciousness.

That is why one can imagine what it means when the spiritual world says: The real work begins for us Pioneers after the ascension. In the adaptation phase, in which they now are, each being has the opportunity to expand, to adapt and to stabilize the awakening. The feeling for time has not changed there, but they got a different awareness for everything. For them time is not so important any more after the ascension. They are in the adaptation phase now and they direct their focus to raising all beings in their energy, to expand them and to do their work.

Now they are trying to establish a new order on Landras, and new technologies are being used. There are many forerunners who are often in the Ashtar ship and store knowledge and new technologies. We also have many Pioneers who do this. When Landras awakened as planet this new technology was released very quickly. They are now creating new technologies which is happening very fast because of their training and may not be so easily imaginable for us. Norina has spoken much about the new technology and about the importance of the embeddings and connecting the aspects. That is something that with hindsight they see as the most important thing: The embedding of the energies from the divine Reality. Only now do they know how important it was. In the moment in which the perfect sound rings out the knowledge is released and everything goes incredibly fast.

Currently 80 percent of the Arcturians who normally work on Mother Earth have travelled to Landras in order to do their work there. Beings are needed who can travel into the interior of the planet in order to carry out stabilizations of the energy and the consciousness. At the same time this energy is tied to the planetary grid through which Landras cannot drop in the energy.

Should a being doubt what it has perceived in the trance, then all of it is transformed immediately. Nothing happens unconsciously any more. The beings do not fall back into the intellect any more. In the moment of the awakening the soul aspect was connected with the other aspects. The soul is decisive for everyting. A very high love vibration now exists on the planet.

The beings on Landras breathe prana more and see this as a matter of course as they already did this before the ascension.

What does the ascension of the planet Landras mean for us?

The beings on Landras know that all the other planets, and we too, felt the ascension. Physically it may have been perceived as extreme dizziness and tiredness or as confusion. It is also possible that you felt a deep yearning or euphoria. At all events, we all felt it. Only we were not able to connect it with the happening because we did not know of it.

The ascension of the first planet has consequences for us all. The first step is the most important one. At the moment we are in eleventh place for the ascesnion with the earth. But Norina says as so much is happening here at the moment, also with regard to the opening of the gates of Lentos, the Eleua Energy, the Prosonodo Light, it is quite possible that we will be in fifth or fourth place soon. She says we are moving our consciousness very, very fast and that the time window is named depending on consciousness. With them it was 2007, with us it is 2012. For other planets there is also a time window of 2019. But depending on how the consciousness rises the time window changes.




  • Look Ahead to the Year 2010
  • Energy Transmission and Drops of Blessing

I am Kryon of magnetic service and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. With these words I testify to the great light in you. I address the light in you, your being, your divinity. All that you are lies in these sounds and the great song of love vibrates.

For you a chapter has come to an end and you are welcoming a new year. This year and this age comprise so much:

Highly energetic with magnetic love energy, the Prosonodo Light and the energy of Lentos, as well as unified with the energies of so many ages, much will change for you. This change is being brought about by you yourself, by your light, by that what you are, by your yearning which comes from the Divine Reality – welcomed by your soul the peace, joy, security, health, human love, health and abundance. All of that can await you for your soul is already filled with this energy. Many of your aspects have been touched by this energy and vibration in the harmony of the sounds. It is a year of divine omnipotence and of manifesting highly energetic energies. Your divine core begins to move in a faster rhythm. Your soul vibrates with All-that-is. Even though much will collapse in the outside and there will be situations which are frightening for many human beings, you will know who you are, full of power, full of divine might, with all that you are, and with the deep certainty that you bear within. For you are more than just a human being and your divine flame begins to blaze.

You are living in a duality, in a veil. But this veil is breaking open and up more and more – towards the Divine Reality. You will know: All the effort has been worth it. Where you have felt inner conflict it will be possible for you to find peace, where you have been afraid you will be courageous. You will act and spread the light, carry it to the human beings who need it in order to understand who they are, in order to feel what it means to be more than just human. But all this happens only through you yourself. We, beyond the veil, are ready to send you the energies that will carry you up in the harmony of the sounds until at some time – we do not know the time – the perfect sound begins to sing.

So much knowledge have you gathered and still it is necessary to point out to you again and again, to convey the message to you, that you bear the divine might, the divine flame, the being and the love in yourself.

Breathe in a rhythm that is right for you. Receive the gifts of glory, the New Age, the new energy, that empower you to do all that you want without ifs and buts, without fears. Perhaps you ask yourself or would like to direct the question to us and say: Kryon, do you understand the duality? Do you know what it means to have fears within onself, the fear to take the next step? Kryon assures you: We know how difficult it sometimes is for you, nonetheless we are not allowed to penetrate the duality, for beyond the veil is the Divine Reality and there there is no fear and no worries. But we have taken care of all you need in order to take this path into liberty, happy and calm, with deep intention in the heart and open soul. We have erected a magnetic grid in the Earth as well as above your planet, a planetary grid of love connected with All-that-is.

You are not far away from us and yet it is this veil that seemingly separates you. But with the divine omnipotence this veil will raise itself further and further. And the one who has still wondered whether it is possible that miracles happen will realize what a miracle means, when a miracle develops in you yourself and you will bring it to the outside and show it to all the human beings. For you are the miracle on Earth, you are the light which has brought light onto Earth.

Much will show itself in the outside, but the high powers will tell you that none of this is true. Appearances in the sky that you can see with the naked eye – they will tell you anything because they do not want you to feel the power that emanates from these lights for they want to keep their power. But you know better. The divine omnipotence will arrive in many of your aspects and you will feel deep peace. But Kryon conveys the message to you that it is you who should allow this to happen. For only you alone can make the decision again and again to let the light in you expand into all directions, to make the decision, no matter what happens in the outside, to feel the light in you. The yearning carries you one step and another step higher into the Divine Reality. So many energetic events are possible if you permit yourself this. We have conveyed the message again and again: You bear everything you need in yourself. But the difficulty is that you actually not just understand, but that you also feel who you are, in all facets, that you feel your own power and not listen to human beings who want to tell you something else.

Your mental attitude will play an important role in the near future. Turn your spirit towards the light, connect the energies with All-that-is and realize: You are the bearer of the light.

Sometimes the human beings feel deserted by God, but God loves you so much. He breathes faster and faster. His merkabah, the merkabah of the divine Source, it is moving and it is calling to you and whispers to you: You are the child of God. You bear the light of divinity in yourself. How can you ever feel lonely? God’s breath will lift you up into the spheres of Divine Reality. The divine Source, it loves you so much that once, in an epoch, it stopped breathing out of love for you, to then send the Son of God from out of the Source into the duality, in order to redeem the human beings and Lady Gaia. With each breath you take you are connected with the divine light and the love of Jesus the Christ. While you are breathing your chakras unify and your divine flame expands into all directions. Kryon has come to the first universe in order to help fetch the planets back home. Thus I serve you with all my love. And together we will produce a unified chakra with Lady Gaia in order to hear the perfect sound, and there will not be a veil any more. But know that even we, the great lights beyond the veil, cannot name the time when this will happen. But we are doing our service. Our light shines and we are with you with each step, with each breath.

From the different frequencies great lights have got ready in order to send you energies which serve you. They are energies of the highest spirituality, joy, peace, health, security, human love and abundance. Lay your hands on your legs and while you are in the unification of your chakras, the divine light blazes in you, the flame has expanded itself, your channels have opened themselves, your soul aspect will enter the divine flame and absorb the energies that the great lights are sending to you now.

[Powerful music is played]

These lightful and highly energetic energies are distributed in your merkabah now. While this is taking place hear the message of Kryon, of the immeasurable love: Many human beings want to know what the year 2010 will bring in linear time. And some messages Kryon is allowed to pass on to you. Thus some new technologies that are stored in the crystal libraries will be released. The consequence is that much will change. It will also be the case that balance will be brought about on different levels of the duality.

In the duality, on the planet you are living on, it is so that many human beings are very poor, have hardly anything to eat and carry many fears within themselves, and some human beings are very rich and live in superabundance. This imbalance is not very helpful for the earth energy, for the entire energy of the planet, and so much will collapse in the outside. In this way balance is restored. Though this balance will not be in complete harmony, but it will help to make many human beings change their views. There will be many events at which human beings will be in mourning for many human beings will return home. But there will also be events that will bring the human beings closer together, unify the hearts. Sympathy will be awakened among human beings and there, too, balance will take place. The energy of the divine omnipotence can change much, in so far as Lady Gaia and the human beings are ready to accept these energies. This energy will pour in and bring about changes in many areas. From the highest position of your government, all over the Earth, they will tell you something to keep you small. They will try to hush up spiritual happenings. However, this attempt will only partly succeed for the Earth carries too many spiritual human beings who are not prepared to believe what other human beings tell them. It will also be the case this year that there is much fighting in the outside. But at the end of the day peace will triumph over these fights. When this will happen we do not know. But what we see is that Lady Gaia is breathing faster and that Lady Gaia’s merkabah is moving in a faster rhythm.

For you it is – hear the words of Kryon – for you it is the chance to permit yourselves, to allow yourselves, to raise yourselves into your divinity, not just to understand, but to feel. The love will be bearing. Sometimes love expresses itself as fear, anger or even hate with the human beings. But behind that stands love and when you feel this then you become wise. You become careful with your words and deeds. For you understand and feel that love stands behind everything and that it is love that connects us.

In this year you will feel how your abilities will find their way into the outside. They do not want to be locked up any more. They want to be free in order to stand by the human beings’ side and serve them.

We will celebrate the great celebration of love and now already many preparations are being made on many levels. With each moment, with each movement of the light, with each sound we are with you with the attention.

So to finish let us speak the words Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth.

Energies have been transmitted to you which expand in many aspects and now already you can feel how peaceful this feels. And the greatest gift this evening is that the divine Source sends you the breath of God and you can absorb the breath of God in your aspects. When the breath of God touches your aspects it is possible that connections are created between your aspects and your merkabah moves.

Kryon says with the immeasurable love

AN’ANASHA and receive the breath of God.

Just after I wrote my first book, 100 Years of Ermintrude, I remember telling a psychic the manner in which I wrote it, how it just came in from nowhere and how I felt a huge surge of emotion when I’d finished it.

I was in floods of uncontrollable tears, yet I felt ecstatically happy at what I’d just done.

The psychic, the amazing Dr Lisa Turner of Psycademy, told me that I’d channelled it.

By the way, I wrote the whole 1st draft on a ‘plane flight, you can listen to it here …

Ermintrude on Twaudio …

… incidentally I learned how to channel the music I used in this later too.

At the time, I had no idea what channelling was and assumed it referred to mediums contacting the ‘dear departed’. Certainly not something an IT consultant would or could ever do.

That was over 3 years ago and since then I’ve been on a bit of a journey of discovery, part of which has lead to me not only understanding what channelling is but being able to teach people how to do it. The engineer in me just had to research and understand what was happening.

Furthermore, there are more flavours of channelling that you can shake a stick at and mediumship is just one of them. I’ve been privileged to meet many talented channels, some who do it professionally and some who like me, do it almost unconsciously and use it in their private lives – and for creative writing.

In its widest sense, channelling refers to getting your conscious mind out of the way and either speaking or writing what is ‘on your mind’ – or more accurately, coming through it.

Channelling also does not have to be random or involve you getting ‘taken over’ – unless you let it. It can be a dialogue as well as one way traffic. So, for example, if you want an idea for the next chapter of your novel, you simply ask.

The essential key is to understand everyone will get the messages in different ways. Trained mediums, and the clairaudient, may hear a voice. Those that are clairvoyant will see images. Your dreams are often channelled information.

For most people though, it’s a feeling or a knowing – referred to respectively as clairsentience or claircogniscence. For me, it’s the latter. I just seem to know stuff I didn’t know that I knew.

So how do you know if you are channelling?

The difference between your own thoughts and those that are channelled is subtle.

If you are clairaudient or clairvoyant – both of which can be learned – then channelled information is obvious as it is clear it hasn’t come from the physical plane.

For thought based channelling, detecting it is a little more subtle. If you have ever had an amazing flash of inspiration that comes in less than a second, then that’s a ‘gift’ and message from elsewhere. Remember to say “Thank You”. Compare this with your internal dialogue, perhaps where you are rehearsing internally a speech or a conversation you are about to have. Therein lies the difference.

So exactly what are you channelling?

It’s a common held belief that sentient life exists in our 3 space and 1 time dimensions. This is understandable. Physicists are postulating that 10, 12 or even 26 dimensions are needed to make the maths ‘add up’.

In these extra dimensions, other sentience exists and this is what you can tap into. Incidentally, this includes 2-D and 1-D worlds. This whole subject is huge so I’ll leave it there for now and may return to this subject later. Just for now, it’s worth pointing out that this sentience is not separate from us but inextricably linked in homogeneous fabric. A good name for this would be the superconsciousness.

How do you learn to channel?

There are two keys to this.

Firstly to allow your conscious mind to be quiet which is best achieved through entering a meditative state. Drugs and alcohol can have a similar effect but your other facilities may be weakened. I have recorded a specific visualisation called the Quantum Collapse of Thought which is great at helping you control the babble and chatter of your conscious mind.

Secondly, your unconscious mind needs to be balanced and quiescent as a conduit between your conscious mind and the minds beyond. This involves controlling and understanding your base emotions.

This blog is the first of many I plan to write (and channel) on this subject soon and for now just leave you with two thoughts …

“Most thoughts aren’t your own …”

“It only has to be true enough …”

– – – – – – – – – –

If you are interested in finding out more about channelling straight away, you can learn how to channel to a structure in my Unleash the Book Inside workshops and Home Study course

and to get the Quantum Collapse of Thought visualisation, and others, visit:

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P.S. re: that surge of emotion – I found out later that this is what happens when you interact with consciousness at 5-D and 7-D – some refer to them as ascended masters and angels




Break Away from the Collective

Light Body Symptoms

I am Kryon, the magnetic master, your friend. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

While the messages of Kryon are flowing through the medium, an energy field is building up which is of great importance for each single one of you for this period. You have been conveyed the message that this is the year of change, a year full of contradictions, a year of struggle.

Once more the energetic pattern of Lady Gaia has changed and you can see and feel what this means for you. A field is being created, here and now in the present, here and now in this room, a field full of magnetic love energy, a field of energetic healing, a field of cleansing energies which are being brought to you and which are so important for you.

Kryon conveys the message of change to you. Everything you are experiencing in the duality in these times, what frightens you or wears you down is a big gift at the end of the day. It is the gift into a new life connected with various confusions which the human beings feel and cannot categorize. The energetic pattern has raised itself. Thus emotions cannot be held back anymore. You have surely noticed that often you cannot keep your moods under control anymore, that you are experiencing an up and down of emotions. But at the end of the day it is a gift.

Before Kryon conveys the messages of the New Age Kryon asks you: Go into the depth of your soul. Breathe the light of love and feel your divinity, your light, deep inside of you and unify all your chakras. Expand yourself like a sun, into all directions. And when you are ready, give the permission that three kinds of energies are transmitted which are of great significance. The magnetic love energies, healing energies and cleansing energies will flow. Lay down your hands with the palms facing up. With each breath that you take you open yourself more, become calmer and calmer. You ask the energies to flow into you. They will find their way and anchor themselves there where you need them. For this time on Earth is no easy time for the human beings.

We have told you – in so many messages – that old structures will collapse, that nothing stays the way it was. When you look into the outside then you can guess what this means for the structures have begun to break a long time ago. But before the great change occurs there will be a time in which the human beings will feel scared and be confused. But that these structures collapse is the condition of the ascension for the duality is an illusion. The old energy crumbles, it breaks apart. The new energy arrives – even your body feels this. For more than ever before do you feel Light Body symptoms in yourselves. But this, too, is a gift.

Feel how the energies are being brought to you, how they circulate in your system, you absorb them and accept them gratefully. In these times, when everything is changing, when the human beings apparently cannot hold on to anything, one of the most important messages which we can pass on to you human beings is this: Learn to erect your own thought system. Otherwise the collective will think for you! If you permit that the collective thinks for you in these times you can imagine how you are going to be with that. For the collective is in fearful, worried thoughts. We can convey the messages of the New Age to you. We can bring you the energies which you need. But you are the messengers of God on Earth. You are qualified and carry this ability in you to change yourselves, your attitude of mind, to detach yourself from the big collective and thus experience the freedom of your own personality and your own thoughts. So strongly does the collective power work on every human being at this time. Therefore hear the message of Kryon once more, which is: Become that which you are! Become that which you have always been! Recognize the divinity in you!

Now the time has come to understand – not only with the intellect, but with the heart – that it is a primordial right of yours to reach personal freedom and an attitude of mind of your own which is good for you. To go into the New Age without fear, without worry and full of courage and joy. Even if you think you are unable to endure the duality any longer, when you see how everything around you collapses, how you perhaps lose your job, how you carry Light Body symptoms and are still courageous enough to know: This is the struggle and I have the power to be and to live in such a way that I am thriving. For more than ever before your thoughts manifest in the outside when you have anchored them inside. The more your attitude of mind changes, the more your life will change. You will realize that this courage which you are summoning up in order to take a step can change your whole life. Even if you think to be tied to the collective, to be dependent on the collective, hear the message of Kryon: Dependency is illusion. You are a free person with free will, equipped with everything you need. With all the abilities you are the messenger of God on Earth. Shape your life the way you would like to. Accept this right which is in your soul. For in these times your soul shows you if something is not right. Your soul begins to knock, to call you, to show you. It calls and whispers to you: Look at me. Listen to me. I am you, you are me. We are one.

For not only are economic structures going to collapse, but also medical structures. But this is also a gift. The human beings are going to remember that there are self-healing powers in the body and that there are plants on Earth which are of significance. The human beings will have to understand how important conversations are – not conversations from intellect to intellect, but conversations from heart to heart. The human beings will learn to listen to each other again. They will learn to look into each others eyes and to discover themselves at the same time. The changes cannot be stopped and as they cannot be stopped it is the greatest gift that you yourself can be part of it. That you carry the energy and also the knowledge of what it means to let go of so much, which also makes it difficult for you at first. For letting go is a process which is difficult sometimes in the duality. Be it the letting go of possessions, the letting go of a job, the letting go of a partner, the letting go of thought patterns which catch up with you again and again. For this it takes courage. But you bear this courage in yourself. Each single one of you bears this courage in himself. For the energy of God is courage. The energy of God is love. And you are a messenger of God, great light in a human body, seemingly still imprisoned in a duality. But the new is arriving and is moving closer. Something new can only come into being by something old breaking into pieces. Do not stop between two energy frequencies, waiting, suffering, frightened, but make a decision for the path to awakening, no matter which path you choose for it. But make a decision. Make a decision for yourself for when you yourself are whole, when you yourself are cleansed, when you yourself are ready and courageous to allow the changes, then you can help so many human beings. You wouldn’t be here, not in these rooms, if there wasn’t a spark, a light somewhere in you which is telling you: Your legs have carried you here. You have taken a seat on a chair and that has a meaning – more than you can guess. For your soul has shown you that it is good to accept the changes and that the energies which are being brought to you today are doing you good and help you to master the difficult time in the duality.

Feel now the peculiarity, the healing energy of Raphael. Feel deep in you whether you are standing before a decision. If this is the case, use this opportunity when the energy of Lady Amethyst is flowing through you that you decide right here and now. You are being flooded with magnetic love energy of Kryon, and when everything shatters you will move closer together. You are a unit, bearing for this is the dawning of consciousness and the love. Because the third Light Body level of the human beings has been activated the soul does not permit that emotions store themselves in the bodily cells. This, too, is a big gift. There are many human beings who have developed themselves very far spiritually, Pioneers with expanded light, lightworkers and healers. Many of these human beings carry the burden of emotions within. They punish themselves when they feel an emotion of anger or sadness. They think they are no longer spiritual then. Believe me, even this emotion transforms itself and is love at the end of the day. Do not try to suppress something. You will see that this will work less and less. The masks which the human beings have built up for themselves will fall off and the light will appear, the light of glory. For in truth you will recognize your opposite when you look into his eyes and when a smile touches your soul.

Endeavour to choose your words which you speak carefully. Do not hurt with words. For behind each word is an energetic pattern. The human beings are learning to speak loving words again for the energetic pattern of the New Age is love.

You have received a high energy transmission, but the highest form of transmission of an energy frequency is the breath of God, and so you will feel the breath of God today which fortifies and strengthens you and stores in you the energies which have been transmitted to you. So let us feel the breath of God. Kryon asks you to rise and to lay your hands on your heart.

(A powerful song was played)

And so Kryon would still like to go into the most important Light Body symptoms which so many human beings bear at this time. Many human beings suffer from allergies, breathing problems, head-aches, inflammation of the joints, a feeling of tiredness at the moment and very many human beings are brooding over these Light Body symptoms. For after you have visited a doctor and this doctor has confirmed to you that there is no physical trouble you will recognize that they are Light Body symptoms of the New Age.

But how do you handle such Light Body symptoms? In the duality, the way you are experiencing it here, they are painful and trying and sometimes they also cause fear. But hear the message of Kryon. Hear the truth and the love of the words which are being transmitted when Kryon conveys the message to you: It is a new beginning. It is a sign of the times. It is a sign for the fact that the changes have already happened. Important about these Light Body symptoms is that you listen to your soul, that you know what this means. But do not simply give yourself to these Light Body symptoms for even this you can change with attitude of mind and with dawning of the awareness of who you are. You bear everything in yourself in order to provide yourself with relief. For example, if you suffer from breathing problems it is a sign that the magnetic new-energy has arrived and your cells are ready to change to prana breathing. It is the time of changes. Accept this as challenge and as gift. Each single one of you carries so many abilities within. Use these abilities. Even if you have the feeling sometimes that the High Councillors of the Light and the angels are not with you, know, we are always with you. With each breath that you take we accompany you whenever you permit it.

So, as farewell let us speak the highly energetic words together:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So’Ham.

So it is.


(A song is played: Adiemus by Enya)



  • Consequence of the Activation of the 3rd Light Body Level

  • Recognize Your MagnificenceConnection with Your Inner Child

I am Maris, and with the words OMAR TA SATT I greet you with the all-embracing love. I greet my friends, I greet all those who have come here in order to perceive the messages.

The Arcturians have, as you have already heard, raised the Light Body level to level 3. This means that it’s possible for each human being to begin his spiritual path with the 3rd Light Body level. It means that the human beings become better able to take things in, that energies from the Divine Reality are easier to absorb. But it also means that energies manifest faster and it means that at the moment many human beings go through their fears in this new vibration.

Sangitar has asked me how it can be possible that one raises and activates the Light Body level and if this isn’t an intrusion on the human beings’ free will.

It’s no intrusion on the human beings’ free will for the human beings have agreed. Some time ago the human beings went through a great change. Emotionally they have opened their hearts for in America something has happened which was important for many, many millions of people, and they went into the feeling of love in one moment. America has a new president. The human beings love this president for he doesn’t embody a rigid mask. He embodies a living human being with eyes that are awake, with an open heart and a smile on his lips. The human beings have shown that they are ready for this change. They have opened themselves. They have rejoyced and they have united.

This energy and this feeling one can see in the intention of the human beings and thus the fundamental vibration of the planet was changed. In these moments it is possible for us to anchor this and thus we did it. With this great change which has taken place in a very powerful country a new age has begun for the human beings. However, the most important thing for us was to recognize in their intention that they are ready to allow changes and to be open for all that is happening. When you imagine that it isn’t so long ago in dual time that human beings of other colors weren’t just rejected and cast out, but also tortured in certain countries. Never was it possible for human beings to even think that a differently colored person will be the mightiest man in the country. During the preparations already we could see how the human beings were looking forward to changes so much and felt the yearning that there must be a change deep in their souls. In this community, in this love, we, the Arcturians, were able to act. You know, Maris studies the human being. I study the duality. I watch, realize and can understand some things. The more I study the human beings, the more I occupy myself with the duality, the more understanding is in my structure for each one of you and for the human being.

You who are ready to develop yourselves spiritually have opened yourselves a longer while ago and bear the love in your hearts. Many who are present here have pulled the veil of oblivion or also the veil of the shadow aside in order to realize who they really are. But we have noticed that many human beings do not really realize and not really know what this means. We have also realized that the difficulty in telling you doesn’t lie in the fact that you cannot understand something, but we have found out that the greatest difficulty is to convey to you what it means that you are so magnificent. For this magnificence is being judged by you and by many human beings. Almost every human being carries a different judgment about the word ‘magnificence’ within. What does magnificent mean? Why are you magnificent? Why are you unique? Are you magnificent because you fit into this society? Are you magnificent because you are successful? Are you magnificent because you are loved by those who are associated with you? Are you magnificent because you are beautiful? Are you magnificent because you are young? Are you magnificent because you possess a big house? What determines the magnificence which is in you? What do you connect with your magnificence? Are you magnificent because you are an honest human being? Are you magnificent because you are a spiritual human being? What is it, what is this magnificence?

Take a short moment in order to find out for yourself without thinking long why you believe yourself to be magnificent. While you are sensing into yourself spiritual, high beings, lights from the Divine Reality, will cleanse your second chakra.

The high lights are cleansing your second chakra because the energy of inner joy or also, as you often call it, the seat of the inner child is there. The inner child is not only a part of you, the inner child is fused with you. When we recognize the magnificence in you then we recognize the pure divine light, wrapped in a body. This divine light is closely connected with your inner child. But how often, and this question is very important, how often do you listen to the signals your inner child sends you? It’s so important to Maris of course on the one hand to express to you and to also support you, to tell you how important it is to develop oneself spiritually. But the entire spiritual development blocks if the inner child blocks, if you don’t perceive the magnificence in yourself, if you judge the magnificence the way society and the collective judge it. We have experienced that there are human beings who develop themselves spiritually and at the same time fall into a rigidity, who seem to have forgotten that there is something like joy and lightness. Many of the human beings who haven’t found a spiritual path yet still project a picture of godfearing onto a screen which doesn’t exist. All that which you and the human beings have been told about the strict God in heaven, this God doesn’t exist. For in the Divine Reality there is no strictness. In the Divine Reality there is the absolute joy, the peace, the sound, the music, the colors and the immeasurable love.

But we have recognized, particularly I, as I study the human beings so much, with what kind of strictness some human beings develop themselves. But this strictness blocks you. For the magnificence of the fusion with your inner child and your divine light, your soul, with that what you are, should be the lightness and the joy. Not that which is expected of you and often also not that which you expect of yourself. Naturally you will say now: ‘Maris, it’s well for you to talk. My life situation is so difficult, marked by fear, problems, failure, age, illness.’ But Maris would like to give all the human beings the opportunity to understand that this is a projection onto a screen which doesn’t really exist. For when you have created a problem for yourself you have also created yourself a solution for it at the same time. Kryon has already told you this once before, but I would like to repeat it because I feel it is so important for you. I’m well aware of the kind of problems which confront you in the duality, in your everyday life. But most human beings fixate on the problem so much that they do not look at the solution. The hosts of lights, the divine light in you and, above all, your inner child present you the solution on a gold tray. But many human beings refuse to even direct a glance at it for they occupy themselves with their problems. They generate an energy with it which shows itself as worry and fear in your aura field. With worry and fear you will never solve a problem.

Magnificence means absolute trust in yourself, absolute trust in that you never create something in your life which you can’t solve. If you understand that no matter how difficult your everyday life turns out to be, you can free yourself of the fear and the worry which the problem comprises. If you were to go into the solving of the problem the problem would dissolve. That is a law. But how often in your life and in your everyday life are you ready to have absolute trust in your magnificence? Trust in the signals your inner child sends you, what your intuition tells you? How often are you ready for that? Because, like I said, I study the human beings, I’m aware, of course, that you are in a grey fog, this energy veil of oblivion and the duality. But there is a solution. If you absorb the words of Maris in yourself you will sense that this is the truth. To stop in the fog and to look at the fog again and again and to say how thick this fog is because one cannot see anything and to be insistent – this won’t do anything for you. That which will do something for you is to walk on, to trust that this fog is a fog which can’t harm you. Magnificence means to know that nothing can happen to you. What, I ask you, what should happen to you? How often in your everyday life, in your life, do you do something rash? When are you not strict with yourself? When do you permit yourself to go into the joy and to feel your magnificence? This kind of magnificence that I mean, if you were able to realize this, would change so much in your life. You have a free will and with this free will you have to make decisions, every day anew. But no matter how you decide, trust your inner child, your divine light.

Maris asks you now to close your eyes and to take deep breaths of love. Take a little time in order to arrive in yourself completely. It is so important to Maris to give you an understanding of your inner child and to let you feel it. When you leave these rooms today then you will carry something within that is magnificent and unique. Let a sun appear. In this sun feel your divinity, your divine light. Now follow the energies and the vibrations of Maris. Simply let it happen.

You are standing on a meadow, but you cannot see much for fog has risen and removes visibility. Sense into yourself how it is to stand in this fog. Since the beginning of time a representative of love has accompanied you and this representative of love will guide you through the fog now. You will see your inner child there. Let yourself be guided by the representative of love, when you meet your inner child take a close look at it. Is it sad? Is it laughing? Does it yearn for your love? Simply let everything happen that will happen.

Now, without thinking about it, I want you to give your inner child a name. Now ask your inner child what it needs in order to feel loved by you. Take your inner child and hold it close. You will feel and also see that the fog is dissolving and it’s getting light.

Magnificence means trusting oneself. Magnificence means the smile on your lips. Magnificence means granting yourself a pleasure. Magnificence means when you trust that nothing will happen to you when you accept the solution.

I know how often you have been told how you are to behave, often in relationships or also towards your parents or your children. But Maris would like to assure you, exactly as you are, you are magnificent, unique. This picture, the child in your arms, keep it for another while and trust that this inner child is present in you and alive. It needs you and you need the inner child. Permit yourself to do things sometimes even though they are rash.

I speak and Sangitar repeats the words for you. But she has asked me beforehand that I repeat something that is important to her after her. Simply do something in your life even though it doesn’t make sense, just like that. And for this Sangitar has found a song for you. Listen to the words, just like that.


I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I greet each single lightworker, child of the sun and Pioneer who has gathered here in order to absorb the word of Kryon, perceptible with the magnetic energy which is unconditionally full of love for you.

In your time a new year has begun and it is an honor and joy for Kryon to convey to you the messages about what will change for the human beings and for Lady Gaia this year.

But beforehand Kryon would like to convey the message to you that it is possible at any time that the perfect sound announces itself, that the perfect sound and the readiness of Lady Gaia are given and the ascension is carried out.

But now, in this present, at this time, Kryon would like to prepare you for this year. When you absorb the messages of Kryon deep in your soul and open your heart for what you hear, only then will you understand. For your surface consciousness alone will not be enough to file these many happenings. For this reason Kryon asks you to not even try this for while the words of Kryon are being conveyed the magnetic love energy will flow at the same time. For this year is the magnetic year. It will be the year of decision. It is a split year. It is an aggressive year. It will be a year full of contradictions. It will be a year full of contrasts, but above all it will be a magnetic year and it will come to massive magnetic impacts. All human beings on the planet will have to decide in this and also the next year, always provided that the perfect sound is not sung first.

The magnetic energy is the new energy and it is needed in order to fetch the planet back into the magnetic divine fields. Thus it will be that magnetic irradiation will descend on you more often which will cause your brain to change. Through the magnetic irradiations the nerves will change. Magnetic fields will form at the synapses and synapses will join together. At some point, perhaps not in the first half of the year, doctors will realize this, but they will not know what this means. This magnetic energy is necessary, however, for it is the bearer of the New Age.

What does it mean for human beings when so much changes in the brain? Kryon has said, it is a contrasting year – a year full of contrasts – and a year of decision. Thus it will mean for human beings who open themselves spiritually for the energy and for the love in any way – and here it is emphasized specifically, no matter which path the human being chooses – that their thoughts manifest even faster. In this year so much spontaneous healing will take place as has never before been carried out on this planet. But human beings who close their mind, human beings who do not believe in the divine light in them, human beings who only approach things with their intellect, unfortuantely these human beings – not all, but many of them – will develop new illnesses, illnesses your doctors have never heard of, for they cannot cope with the magnetic irradiation and the physical change involved. Another consequence is that particularly medicine and doctors will decide to acknowledge that there is something that cannot be explained.

Through the magnetic irradiation it will come to more physical symptoms. I know that this sounds very bad to you at first, but believe me and trust the words of Kryon: This magnetic energy is necessary in order to fetch the planet home, and bodies that have not expanded themselves, cells which do not turn towards the light and the love, human beings who do not open their hearts and who deny themselves, will have to battle with allergies, inflammation and, above all, with rare blood diseases which have not been known to medicine yet. But for human beings who are open and even if they follow no spiritual path, but simply because they open their heart and carry love within and do not deny that there is something like divine light in them, for all those human beings it will come to sponaneous healings – not for all of them, but for very many.

Through the pouring in of the magnetic energy this will be the year in which human beings have to make up their mind. It is made very easy for them for through the planetary connections that we have created on the magnetic grid the third Light Body level was activated for each single human being on Earth. Consequently it is guaranteed that each human being, no matter where he lives, where he is on Earth, has the possibility to experience the planetary ascension in his body in the full beauty, in abundance and in joy.

It is going to be a year of struggle. Among lightworkers it will come to inward and outward struggles. It will come to more military attacks. Here, too, it is important to make a decision. The inner struggle which many lightworkers are holding within is triggered off by the emotions which are activated by the Sunlights and the Starseed who are working through the grid of love which has been connected. Lightworkers will notice that many things do not work so well in their everyday life. They feel very clearly that they have to make a decision for themselves, away from doubt into trust, into trusting yourself for you have everything in yourself, for you are the bearer of the divine light. You will feel how this love blossoms in you.

It will also be a year for human love, for human love is something very important for the total energy of the planet and also for the consciousness of Lady Gaia. Human beings, couples, who in form of light paths give off entirely different sounds will not be able to stay together. On the other hand it will come to more human relationships for more and more human beings will be ready to pay attention to the real and true things when they meet another human being. They will feel attracted, understood and loved just as they are.

At a certain point in time the Jewish people took the entire earth karma upon itself even if this is difficult to understand for you. They fight, and even though this appears to be something terrible at first for many human beings they still free Lady Gaia and the Earth of certain karmic connections and networks in this way. Through this freedom for the development of the planet and for the energy increase is granted which is necessary so that the ascension can take place.

New types of plants will be discovered. Scientists will see certain energetic perceptions and they will be freed of their pride. In this year they will also get in touch with human beings of whom they know that they have contact to the spiritual world in order to have these things for which they cannot find an explanation explained to them.

Contrast is also in this year in that on one hand it will come to great drought and on the other hand it will come to torrential rainfalls. Everywhere on Earth there will be more mighty earthquakes.

But I would like each one of you to know that this is also the year of realization and dawning of consciousness. It is the year, a year for you, a year of joy, human love, health, abundance and freedom.

The economic system will collapse more everywhere on Earth. Strong devaluation of money will happen and still it is development towards a better life, for the real life for you only begins when the ascension has been carried out. There is much that your intellect cannot comprehend, but your soul feels the truth and the love of Kryon. Powerful energy currents will show themselves on Earth like a grid of light. It is a year in which human beings will find it very difficult to deny their own selves. It is a year in which the masks will fall. Human beings will recognize human beings by their true self, by the beauty of the eyes, the mirrors of the soul. You will perceive the smile which is showed you differently than previously and even the messages of the spiritual world you will feel and perceive more intensively this year than this has ever been the case before. The High Councillors of the Light have decided to present you with a gift at the beginning of the year, a gift which – if you are ready to accept it – provides you with the possibility to feel your divine Self more. Thus you will be charged with divine light by different frequencies from the highest light – not just your Light Body, but also your cells.

Make yourself comfortable and take three deep breaths of light. While you feel your divine Self very deep in you, you become aware that you are part of the divine Source, that the might and the power are in you, we begin to transmit this divine light to you without words, just as is right and good for you at this point in time. Enjoy these moments which can change so much in you.

(A beautiful song is played. Title: ‘My Heart Will Go on’ )

Call me Divine Love. Describe me as the divine Souce. Feel me with the divine love, beloved human child.

Who are you? What are you? Where do you come from? Where are you going to? The Divine Love knows you from the beginning of time. You are the divine light on Earth. You are radiating into a new dawn, into a new age full of gold and full of love. You are that what I am. Divine love itself. Have the courage and have the trust to feel this divine light in you. Do not deny yourself the joy and the tears. Dance and sing into the new dawn for the clouds have long since dispersed. The rays of the sun are warming your skin. They touch you when the morning awakens for they are your siblings. It is the star angels who accompany you into the new day. So often you had to experience and be told that this and that would not be possible. Some of you were even told: You were born in order to suffer. I tell you, the Divine Love itself: You were born as golden angel. You were born in order to go into the new day full of joy, with all your love, and to know exactly, that this exact day will be the happiest of your life. Thus it will be every day. We love you so immeasurably. We are fetching you back home. You will experience it. The new Earth will show itself like the new dawn, full of love and purity. Never again will you carry any worry within for you will know: You are the divine source, the golden angel on Earth. Forgotten all the pain and suffering. Devotedly you will meet the day like a new dawn in clarity and with beauty. So be it.