Each one of us possesses a powerful ray which emanates from our heart centre.

Most of the time it is suppressed but it gets activated naturally when we fall in love, give love and feel love.

This visualisation allows you to activate it at will and under your conscious control.

The knowledge of how to activate it was given to me in love so this visualisation is absolutely free.

So please pass it around, share it and share the love – use it daily and watch your life and those around you change in the most remarkable way.

This visualisation accompanies by book Flavours of Thought

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Heart Ray Activation

Before you listen to it, stare at the image of Elexier for 30 seconds so it is impressed on your Mind’s Eye.

Heart Ray Activation

Before you listen to it, stare at the image of Elexier for 30 seconds so it is impressed on your Mind’s Eye.

If you have an iPhone, iPod or MP3 player, you can download it here …

The Elexier Crystal used here with kind permission of the Kryon School in Germany – ANANASHA


kryonPro_ compositeI am really proud to announce the release the full version of iPhone app for the Kryon School in Germany.

The app allows you to make full use of the amazing Crystals of the Divine Reality are now available in the Apple App Store. Using the app daily will bring magic, illumination and abundance into your life.


The app costs only $9.99 and contains 54 different crystals – each with the most amazing energy. It allows you to select a crystal for the day with just a shake of the iPhone and contains a brief history and background to the Crystals.

This pro version of the app includes:

  • a detailed description of each Crystal
  • ability to email a Crystal to a friend
  • ability to Tweet the image of a Crystal to Twitter
  • generation of spreads of 3, 5 and 9 Crystals to shed light on your situation and feelings

“The pictures are really good and the whole thing feels really good”

“Beautifully made and extraordinarily powerful. Inspires and guides me every day”

The Kryon Pro app will also shortly be available in German, Russian and Spanish. If you purchase it now, you will get a free upgrade when it comes out in mid-April.

You can also get a free sampler version of the app here …

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