leftshirtcas_325x400The first Kryon School trainer in the UK is Tom Evans.

Tom is an author and author’s mentor who specialises in teaching people how to channel their books.

He has developed (or been given) a wonderful methodology that helps you tap into the Source and divine inspiration.

He is also a specialist in clearing writer’s blocks – it might be no surprise to you that tackling these blocks helps release karma.

Tom finished The Steps in 2008 and is now the UK’s first (but not the last) Kryon School trainer.

He has a background in high technology – broadcasting and the Internet – and combines these skills with his creative and therapy work – some people have called him an Interwizard.

Tom has trained as a Reiki healer, a hypotherapist, past life regressor and future life progressor and is an adept at karmic mentoring.

mastertrainerlogo_175He is also a Master Trainer for Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping software and teaches both Whole Brain and Whole Mind Thinking.

He also teaches the Art and Science behind Light Bulb Moments.

You can find out more about his work on these sites: